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Ray Gigant

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Title: Ray gigant

Ghana: Adventure RPG

Developer: Namco Bandai Entertainment

Publisher: Acttil, LTD.

Release Date: August 11, 2016

About this game

Rai Dungeon RPG enumerator unique gigantis dungeon crawling adventure that combines Japanese visual novel as a story.
mapenzikwanza players submitted to the story of the young warrior feeling Ichiiavho shrouded in mystery. As the story unfolds, the player will be introduced to new characters come tiKasnije brofiadfel protagonist. Wholesale storyThree separate, told in view Ichiia, What the Nile.

ubunifuVita system:

Unlike turn-based RPG battle together, Ray Gigantadopts unique style where they will fight enemies from different distances and great views. Your party consists of three characters, each with its own unique opportunity to participate in the battle area tukio3-vai. Beat Slash also use the system free-rhythm-based napadedok feel deadly fate resonates through its organs arvirac heroin!


While it is not sofar away from Earth in June cities are attacked by giant creatures called gigant. All attempts jeshiili nations to prevent attacks without success. But then I saw that the boy can beat this monster in Tokyo. His name IchiiaAmakaze. The boy who had failed Gigantsusing mysterious force called Iorigamicame is world famous. But after the failure of his Gigants izgubiokontrola oldinistrio’rmji guarded, he loses consciousness. Then, where he was detained and takensafe area where his fate

Game flow:

Rai is Giant, players will begin with the story part of the product, and then set off on an adventure in the dungeons to explore and fight. Your team with three characters, Lana unique abilities and you’ll have to face different kinds of enemies. After stage the event for the boss bitkepomerite story continues.


Giant Rai, the story forward to explore various dungeons and clearing called Megalosites. There will be a large numberwakubwana of these players will be examined on a 3D map.


The game features a powerful 3-vai war against Gigants glorious location. Faced Gigants great figure within the party takes place 3 distance, all facing Gigantvith suitable way for the use of their work.


namshikamano Iorigamisinsa Ichiiaand others, they are considered to Iorigami raddolin, allowing the transfer of the state of parasitism. During this period, the characters struggle because of his very life.

Beat Slash Mode:

BeatSlash Mode, called SBM special skills that can be relieved by slashing matumiziPointi (SP). Usually only a criminal offense up to 5 times now, but you can achieve using the command SBM more than 100 times.


Leveling in the game jeEvoluiraju Wood through the system. branches in 3 gvahanolcategori, each of which has the character they have.

system requirements


OS: Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit)

Processor: Intel Core i5 GHz or ekuivelant

Memory: 6 MB RAM

Graphics: One toOne X 11 compatible graphics card with 1GB of RAM or ekuivelant

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 6 GB of free space

Sound Card: Realtek equal or better


uendeshajiSystem: Windows, Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i5 GHz or ekuivelant

Memory: 8 GB RAM memory

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTKS750 / Intel R7 are equal to or better

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 6 GB of free space

Sound Card: Realtek equal or better


Ray Gigant

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