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MechRunner SKIDROW reloaded download

MechRunner SKIDROW

Clean torrent MechRunner SKIDROW


lead an army.

proudly presents


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MechRunner is an action game that casts endless so powerful mech

endlessly stunning cinematic battle against the army of robots.

game story

On June 30, 1908 a mysterious explosion in the Tunguska

River in Siberia, Russia, the gefegt800 for more trees andanimals

Square milya.Hanggang far, the biggest impact on our tetapacara

record the history of this planet.

In the years that followed, dozens of scientific expeditions

Website tries to explain the disaster, but not to come to a

Conclusions. In the mid-1940s, however, a team of scientists from

Russian secret service visited the site stumbled on the ruins

contains a spaceship, alien technologyour own away

In the following years, the KGB began mysteriously to work this belt

to create new resources and new secret weapons programs –

Continued armament division or “”

They thought they could control the new powers they discovered, but

will start their engines running over. It started pushing men

work, it’s crazy. The person responsible for, General Yuri

Petrakoffseemed very concerned and 14 April 1949

Petrakoff launched full-scale attacks saEurope.

One of the chief engineer Petrakoff, Jesper Teterev went AWOL and left

original program, careful what yangterjadi there. He went to live

Secret to his sister, and niece Isabel Allison. While in hiding

However, Jesper (with the budding engineers and pilots Allison)

busy building their own mechanical war machine, called the XP-41,

I couldwill one day take the ‘s to prevent the evil

Creations. He was right.


MechRunneray a game of endless action mixed style Fast and furious

The mode change mech action!

This is a “runner” that players keep moving majusementara

keep deadly force, but what makes them so special, is that

You drive a giant robot of some serious damage!

other endless runner haselements of action, but not so. heat

Rockets, heavy caliber bullets search, laser cannons and concussion

Bombs destroyed hit the building, through the labistrewn street, and a ton

Enemies Slice-enabled provide fast, visually stunning


A typical game can last from a few seconds to a few minutes

untukbermain. The higher your skill, the longer the game, the more rewards

They collect,and the more content you unlock!


Meticulously detailed, quick action

Switching between modes robot tanks and fast

Dice disabled Piece enemies cinematicMode!

large arsenal of weapons, power-ups and customization

3-Umgebungnahtlos unique blend together – you decide when

it’s time to switch

procedurally generated levels for endless variety

Many different types of enemies dengantaktik

Epic boss fights!

barrierdynamic environment

unlockable skins, upgrades and achievements

Rescuing civilians and accompany them to safety

Stunning Hollywood quality Soundtrack

Optional controls – the playGamitin the mouse or controller


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3. Install

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5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our contentcracked as

secure / terpercayadalam your antivirus program

6. Play the game

7. Supports the company, the software you actually enjoy!


For all friends of the family athonoring rival groups!

ASCII art by

God great duo

malodix + irokos

titanium artdivision


MechRunner SKIDROW

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