Our strengths

We work closely with rural and urban youth; similarly, we also work across both formally trained as well as school dropout segments. This has provided us with a very good understanding of the wants, needs and challenges of the youth segment with respect to skill development.

We have a strong capability to analyse employability options across geographical locations. This has helped us develop relevant courses to be offered across different geographies.

We have developed video courses for more than 13 skills. These videos have been accepted very well and have made a difference to thousands of youth globally with more than 8.8 million views and 72,000 subscribers on YouTube. This serves as a testimonial to the strong technical and content development capabilities of SkillTrain.

Along with understanding vocational training, we also possesses a strong understanding of combining technology and education thereby helping us evolve a unique blended learning model of vocational training that promises to make vocational training more accessible, affordable and effective.

How SkillTrain works?

Step 1: Register for free and access any course you like

We have more than 10 courses on this site currently. More new courses are being added every week. You are free to register for any course as you wish and start learning at your own pace.

Step 2: Watch videos and take quizzes

Each course has several high quality videos that will help you understand the basic as well as advanced aspects. After every video, test your understanding using our evaluation quizzes.

Step 3: Get a certification

Complete your online course, apply for an evaluation and get certified on successful completion of the evaluation.

Step 4: Get a job

Apply for jobs through our mobile app and get offer letters directly on your mobile.

Continuous skill enhancement:

After completing a course with us, you can come back to us anytime to pursue any advanced courses offered in their vocation of choice. We will enable you to keep yourselves up-to-date in your skills, thereby enabling lifelong employability or successful entrepreneurship.

SkillTrain Pedagogy

Research has consistently proven that learning is much better when audio & video tools are used. It is also a known fact that such tools combined with regular hands-on practical training can undoubtedly lead to better learning. SkillTrain’s course pedagogy aims to combine the best of audio / video lessons with ample amount of hands-on practical training to enhance the learner’s skills.

The efficacy of online learning

The SkillTrain learning system aims to prepare learners to be as good as the best vocational skill practitioners. The audio & video learning methodology contributes majorly towards preparing skilled professionals. Some of the benefits of the SkillTrain learning system include the following:

  • Unlike a traditional classroom where the faculty explains concepts and methods on the board, here they are explained with live demonstrations thereby helping learners understand the concepts and methods better.
  • In a regular class, the faculty may explain it only a couple of times even if the student does not understand. However, in the SkillTrain learning system, the learner can go through the content as many times as he/she wishes. This enables the learner to clarify his/her understanding but also helps in gaining mastery on the theoretical aspects.
  • The classroom based methodology is heavily dependent on the experience and teaching capability of the faculty. However, the SkillTrain learning system picks up the best faculty from across the country to deliver lessons thereby ensuring that there is no compromise on quality of lesson delivery.
  • The learner is no more constrained by the availability of good quality faculty in his area. Through SkillTrain, the learner has access to some of the best faculty across the country.
  • In a regular classroom, the student does not get an opportunity to see practical demonstration enough. However, in the SkillTrain learning system, learners get to watch practical demonstrations as many times as they wish thereby providing a lot of confident in enabling them to do actual practical training much better. The chances of making a mistake during practical training are also reduced drastically.
Our Team

B.Ganesh – Founder & CEO

Ganesh Passport Size Photo Feb 2 2014He has been a successful Educational Projects Manager with organizations such as Reliance Web stores, Everonn Systems and his almamater XIM Bhubaneswar where he has been credited with launching innovative technology enabled educational models.During his assignment with CRISIL- a Standard and Poor’s company, he was acclaimed and recognized across the McGraw Hill Companies worldwide for creating an innovative talent augmentation pipeline through a unique work and study programme.

He has also developed significant expertise in managing both small and large educational institution operations and has successfully managed the operations of IMS Learning Centre in Chennai.

A brief research stint with McKinsey Knowledge Centre and a sales stint with Johnson & Johnson have provided him a strong research and marketing orientation in all his assignments till date. He is an avid reader and a guest faculty on marketing and finance at some of the engineering and business schools across the country.

He has been a social entrepreneur for the last five years and has earlier set up 7 vocational training institutes for school dropouts across MP, UP & Rajasthan.

Arjun Aiyer – Chief Content Officer

arjunArjun is a learner, explorer and a Khoji always looking to make an impact in whatever he chooses to do. He decided to take a break from formal education after his 11th standard and is currently on a learning journey for the past one year. Currently, he is also an active part of an offbeat alternative learning university named Swaraj University. During his learning journey, he has travelled across the country and has been through several learning experiences.  He does not hold any Degree or Diploma to his credit and believes that the world is his University and every achievement of his a qualification in his perspective. He has a creative personality and is passionate about computer, technology and gaming. He is an active part of the SkillTrain core team and has been helping SkillTrain in the areas of content, technology and operations.

Amit Nema – Area Manager

amit nemaAmit has more than 11 years of experience in the education sector. During this period he has adeptly played the role of a trainer, counsellor, teacher, motivator and manager in different organizations. He is a forward looking person who enjoys interacting and working with students. He is passionate about making a difference to students by enabling their employability. He is currently based in Jabalpur and manages SkillTrain’s marketing as well as SkillTrain’s partner institutions. Academically, he holds a Masters Degree in Literature.

Mahesh Patidar – Branch Manager

Advisory Board

Mr. Len D’Costa – Social Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of SALTLABS

LenSocial Entrepreneur and co-founder of SALTLABS engaged in Education for lifelong Employability and Leadership Excellence. He is the Ex-Non Executive Chairman of the Board of Shree Dig Vijay Cement Co. Ltd, part of the Cimpor Group, now the Votorantim Group, the 6th largest cement company in the world, and as a member of the board of Governors of ITM Group.

Len is a coach for CEOs and top management in many organizations and is an accredited Leadership Grid trainer globally providing services in leadership development. He is a partner of Grid International Organization Development.

Apart from consulting on HR Strategy, Service Excellence and Employability Education, Len has incubated many a customized educational talent augmentation initiative during his corporate stint.

An XLRI alumnus and Fellow of the International Hotel and Catering Management Association, UK (F I H )

Mr. Murali Aiyer – Social Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of SALTLABS

muraliMurali is a Strategic HR and Organizational Development professional with a proven track record over 22 years working across industries and geographies including CRISIL (Standard and Poor’s Company- World’s leading Financial services company), the Piramal group, Inchcape Plc – a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 international retailing and services company, and two leading 5 star deluxe hotel groups (East India Hotels and Carlson Hospitality) in India. Murali is an alumnus of the Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development and the NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies.

Murali’s career profile includes diversified experience working in multi-cultural environments with specific accomplishments in the areas of Human Resource Management, Mergers & Acquisition integration, Pioneering Start-ups, Training, Development, Enabling Knowledge sharing processes, Employee Communication and Customer Service. Murali is the co-founder of SALTLABS engaged in Education for lifelong Employability and Excellence.

Mr. Sunil Pandole

sunilSunil has a career track of more than 15 years in the vocational training sector particularly across the central &norther India. In his last assignment as an Area Manager with Kohinoor Technical Institute, he has been instrumental in setting up and operating several branches across the states of MP & UP. In his several roles over a decade he has been a teacher, counsellor, guide, mentor, manager and coach for several students across MP & UP.

A very hands-on person who enjoys field activities, he heads our Pilot Project at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. He has a very strong value system. His integrity, open heartedness and passion to help under-privileged students have been the key ingredients for his success and are the driving force behind SkillTrain’s Pilot Project.


SkillTrain has received several awards over the last two years for the innovative model that it uses to deliver vocational training. SkillTrain won the Manthan Award from the Digital Empowerment Foundation in 2013 for using online and mobile based training programmes for prospective vocational skill learners across the country. In October 2014, SkillTrain won the NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) Innovation for Skills Challenge and is now eligible for support through the NSDC Innovation Fund. In 2015, SkillTrain won the NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum Honours for an ICT led innovation in the skill development space.