Our strengths

We work closely with rural and urban youth; similarly, we also work across both formally trained as well as school dropout segments. This has provided us with a very good understanding of the wants, needs and challenges of the youth segment with respect to skill development.

We have a strong capability to analyse employability options across geographical locations. This has helped us develop relevant courses to be offered across different geographies.

We have developed video courses for more than 13 skills. These videos have been accepted very well and have made a difference to thousands of youth globally with more than 8.8 million views and 72,000 subscribers on YouTube. This serves as a testimonial to the strong technical and content development capabilities of SkillTrain.

Along with understanding vocational training, we also possesses a strong understanding of combining technology and education thereby helping us evolve a unique blended learning model of vocational training that promises to make vocational training more accessible, affordable and effective.

Step 1: Register for free and access any course you like

We have more than 10 courses on this site currently. More new courses are being added every week. You are free to register for any course as you wish and start learning at your own pace.

Step 2: Watch videos and take quizzes

Each course has several high quality videos that will help you understand the basic as well as advanced aspects. After every video, test your understanding using our evaluation quizzes.

Step 3: Get a certification

Complete your online course, apply for an evaluation and get certified on successful completion of the evaluation.

Step 4: Get a job

Apply for jobs through our mobile app and get offer letters directly on your mobile.

Continuous skill enhancement:

After completing a course with us, you can come back to us anytime to pursue any advanced courses offered in their vocation of choice. We will enable you to keep yourselves up-to-date in your skills, thereby enabling lifelong employability or successful entrepreneurship.